What do the different sections on the Credit Report indicate?

Here is an overview of the different sections of the Credit Report:
Note: All of the examples shown are test data and not actual report data.
Basic Information:
The top portion of the credit report will list the Address, Employment, and Fraud Indicators for the applicant:
Address Discrepancy: If the current address the applicant entered when completing the request is not on file with TransUnion the message may indicate "Address Not Currently On File." This doesn't necessarily indicate an issue, however it just indicates the address hasn't been updated with the bureau yet.
Employment: This section will list the employment found for the applicant.
Fraud Indicators: If any suspicious activity is identified then the fraud indicators will be listed here.  For example, if the social security number has been reported as a deceased person or the social security number or surname does not match what is on file.  The alert may be something simple such as an invalid zip code, however any fraud indicators should receive extra attention.
Profile Summary:
The profile summary provides an overview of the active accounts, such as credit cards, auto loans, and student loans.  This along with the Tradeline details will provide you with a good idea if the applicant meets his or her monthly payment commitments along with whether they have a history of late payments, high debt load, and how leveraged the applicant is:
Tradelines: The number of active tradelines found for the applicant are listed here.
Collections, Public Records, and Inquiries: The number of records for each are listed here.
Derogatory Items - These items will indicate the history of late payments for the applicant.
Negative Tradelines: The number of tradelines found with a negative Status, such as "Charged off as bad debt", "Collection Account" or the number of days past due.  In the example above of the 6 active tradelines, 5 of them have a negative status.
Tradelines with any historical negatives: The number of tradelines with at least one late payment found.  Please keep in mind if there has been no payment history for the past 48 months the Status of the tradeline may be negative but there would be no historical negatives found.  In the example above, 2 of the tradelines had at least one late payment.  See the examples below for the actual tradeline details.
Occurrence of any historical negatives: This is the total number of late payments found for all the active tradelines.  For all of the tradelines found, there were 18 total late payments found in the example above.  See the example below for the actual tradeline details.
Resident Score:
The Resident Score is a credit score tailored specifically to the rental industry.  The number is based on TransUnion's proprietary credit-based score model which was built using actual renter outcomes.  The score also takes payment history into consideration.  
You will still want to consider all of the information included in the applicant's credit report, but the Resident Score should provide a numerical value to the risk you might be taking.  The Resident Score ranges from 350-850 with 850 being the best score possible.  
For additional information on the Resident Score please click here.
Tradeline Details: 
This section provides the details of each active tradeline found along with the payment history for the past 48 months.  The number of payments paid over 30 days, over 60 days, and over 90 days late will be listed.
Here is one example that shows a negative status of "Charged off as bad debt" but there has been no payment history for the past 48 months.  So this tradeline would be included as one of the 5 "Negative Tradelines" above due to the Status but it would not be part of the 2 "Tradelines with any historical negatives" above since there are no late payments listed:
Here is another example of a tradeline with a Status of "120 days past due" so it would be included as one of the 5 "Negative Tradelines" above due to the Status.  Since there is at least one late payment found this tradeline would also be one of of the 2 "Tradelines with any historical negatives" above and it contains 9 of the 18 "Occurence of any historical negatives" above.