How to switch to Plus pricing?

To switch to the Plus pricing, which is our monthly pricing option, please follow these steps:
Note: See note below on when to switch
1. Log in to your eRentPayment profile.
2. Go to the Profile section then select Master Settings.
3. On the Billing tab select the Plus option.
4. Select the bank account you would like the Plus fee debited from each month.
5. Select Save Changes.
We typically generate the monthly transaction fee on the last day of the month early in the morning so the best time to switch to the Plus option is typically on the last day of the month around noon or later.  This way you aren't billed for the current month and your Plus pricing will take effect the next month.  For example, you could switch to Plus pricing on the 31st of January later in the day so that Plus pricing takes effect for February and you aren't billed for January.