How do I switch to the Master Settings option?

The Master Settings option allows you to enter your pricing option, contact information, and bank account information in one location to apply to all of your property records.  If any of the information changes, such as your email or bank account, you can update the Master Settings section instead of having to update each individual property record.  
If you are an existing customer who would like to use our Master Settings feature please use the steps below to update your existing profile and property records:
1. Log in to your existing eRentPayment profile
2. Go to Profile then Master Settings
3. On the Billing tab you can select the pricing option you will be using, either Standard or Plus, and select Save Changes.
4. On the Contact tab you can enter your name, phone number, email, and any additional emails that should receive confirmations for all property records and select Save Changes.
5. On the Bank Account tab select the Main bank account you receive payments with and whether to use a different bank account for Security Deposit and Application Fee payments.  Select Save Changes.
6. Go to Properties
7. Select Edit for the first property.
8. Select the Use Master checkbox for the following settings, if you populated the information in Master Settings:
    Tab "1. Contact Information" - Manager Contact Name
    Tab "1. Contact Information" - Manager Contact Phone
    Tab "1. Contact Information" - Manager Email
    Tab "5. Bank Account" - Receiving Account
    Tab "5. Bank Account" - Use Different Bank Account for Security Deposit
    Tab "5. Bank Account" - Use Different Bank Account for Application Fee
    Tab "5. Bank Account" (If not using Plus pricing) - Transaction Fee Option
    Tab "5. Bank Account" (If not using Plus pricing) - Use Different Bank Account for Transaction Fee
9. For any of the settings if that particular property doesn't use the same information as Master Settings you won't select Use Master.  For example, if one property record uses a different bank account you won't have Use Master selected for Setting 19 and instead set the different bank account in that property record.
10. Select Update Property for the property.
11. Repeat Steps 7 through 10 for each of your property records to update the settings.
Now if any of your information changes you can simply update the Profile--Master Settings section and it will apply to all of the property records that have Use Master selected for that particular field.