How to submit a one-time payment

To submit a one-time payment please follow these steps:
1. Log in to your eRentPayment profile.
2. On the Dashboard select the Make Payment button.  For Mobile users select the Make Payment menu option.
Note: If you see a message in Red about a pending bank account verification you will need to click this first to complete the bank account verification process.
3. On the One-Time Payment screen select/enter the following:
- The Property you are submitting the payment for, if you are registered to multiple properties.
- Select the verified Bank Account you would like to submit the payment with.  Only verified bank accounts will be displayed so go to Profile--Renter Accounts to add or verify any additional bank accounts.
- Enter the Payment Amount as just the number, for example 1000.00 instead of $1,000.
- Select the Payment Type, such as Rent Payment, Pro-Rated Rent Payment, etc. 
- Select the Month/Year the payment is for.
- Select the Scheduled Date if the payment should be scheduled for a future date.  If you leave it blank it will default to the current date.
4. Select Next
5. On the Payment Authorization page review the entered information to ensure it is correct.  Any applicable late fees or transaction fees will be listed before you authorize the payment.  If there are any messages about a duplicate payment please check to make sure submitting another payment will not result in duplicate payments.
6. Select Authorize to submit the payment as long as the information is correct.  In the example below there is a $110.00 Late Fee per the property along with a warning that a payment has already been submitted.
7. The confirmation page will be displayed to confirm the payment was submitted.
8. Select the Log Out button or click on Dashboard.