How to submit a Maintenance Request

To submit a maintenance request please follow these steps:
Note: Please note maintenance requests will only be available if enabled by the property manager.  If maintenance requests are not enabled for your property please contact your property manager. 
1. Log in to your eRentPayment profile.
2. Select the Requests link.
3. Select the Create Request button in the Renter Requests section.
4. On the Create Request screen select/enter the following:
- Select Maintenance Request for the Request Type.  If the Maintenance Request option is not available this indicates the property manager has not enabled Maintenance Requests for your property.  Please contact them to determine how to submit maintenance requests.
- Select the Property you are submitting the request for, if you are registered to multiple property records.
- Select yourself under the Renter section.
- Enter a Brief Description of the issue.
- Enter a Description with additional details.
- Select whether the issue is Urgent.
- Select a Category for the request.
- Select a Subcategory, if available, for the request.
5. Select the Submit button.
6. An email should be sent to the property manager regarding the maintenance request you submitted.
You should also be able to see the active request on the Requests screen and you should receive an email when it is updated by the property manager.