06/06/2019 eCheckIt Update

Recently, the trial court allowed the class counsel to proceed with adding Check Commerce to the lawsuit, the party that handled all of the financial transactions in this lawsuit.  The trial court also ordered mediation in the matter.  Check Commerce has asked the Colorado Supreme Court to review the decision of the trial court that it has jurisdiction over Check Commerce.  We are in the process now of submitting a response to the Colorado Supreme Court that will provide support of Check Commerce’s involvement and that jurisdiction is appropriate in Colorado. This process also pauses all proceedings until the Colorado Supreme Court makes its decision.  We are also exploring mediation, including Check Commerce. 
Given the likelihood of the impending mediation, we recommend you be in contact with the class counsel to ensure he includes you in any potential settlement.  Please visit www.erentlawsuit.com for the steps required to submit your information to Ian Hicks.
If you have any questions on which transactions are still listed as “Pending” (outstanding) within the eRentPayment system please use the steps in this article:
Thank you very much for your patience.