Can a Late Fee be Waived?

If you would like to waive a Late Fee for a tenant there are multiple options we recommend:
Payment Not Submitted Yet
Option #1: 
Create a Payment Request for the payment that is due and select "None" for the Late Fee option so that if the tenant submits the payment through the Payment Request a Late Fee will not be generated. Instructions:
Option #2:
Update the Property record and set Charge Late Fee to No or change the Grace Period to allow a longer time to submit the payment before a Late Fee applies on the Late Fees tab and update the property.

(We recommend changing the Grace Period, for example from 04 to 20, so you don't have to enter or adjust the Late Fee settings again after the payment is submitted and you can simply update the Grace Period back to the original value).
Late Fee Submitted
If the tenant has already submitted a Rent Payment and the system generated a Late Fee transaction you may void just the Late Fee transaction as long as the Late Fee has not started processing yet.  Instructions:
This article assumes the tenant is submitting a one-time payment.  For any recurring payment changes, such as processing the payment on a later date, please see