How do I complete a screening/background request?

If you have been sent a screening/background request for a property you are applying for please follow these steps on the TransUnion site:

1. In the email you received from the property manager/landlord click on the screening link.
2. On the TransUnion page select Renter for the user type, enter your email, and select the Accept button.
3. After you log in you will enter a SmartMove password for your profile and enter your Security Question answers.

4. Enter your personal information, such as your First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth, and SSN.

5. Enter your Income Information.

6. Enter the Payment Information for the Screening Fee.

7. Confirm your account details.

8. Verify your identity in Step 4 with a series of questions.

9. If the Identity questions are answered correctly and the Screening Fee has been paid the screening will be complete and the reports will be released to the property manager/landlord.

If you encounter any issues during the screening portion on the TransUnion site please contact TransUnion at 866-775-0961.