Upgrade Benefits

General Benefits & Features

  • Online Rent Payments: Our platform enables your tenants to make secure online and mobile rent payments, with automated rent reminders, late fees, and add-on rent reporting features. Track deposits and view lease history.

  • Find Tenants: Get integrated, custom prequalifications and applications & full background checks to easily and quickly fill your units.

  • Maintenance Tracking: Keep track of maintenance requests and repairs through our easy-to-use platform. Get Premium Maintenance integrations you can use to outsource repairs and work orders.

  • Property Listings: Fill your vacancies with syndication to Zillow, Trulia, HotPads, and Realtor.com. Plus, get a free marketing page you can share, text, email, and more.

  • Document Storage: E-sign leases and upload, store, or share documents with tenants.

  • Team Management: Add your teammates, property managers, maintenance personnel, and accountants for free to your RentRedi dashboard. Customize their access so you only share the data you want to!

  • Better Tenant Experience: Tenants have access to a mobile and web app they can use to pay their rent (ACH, card, cash), auto-pay, boost their credit, submit repairs, and purchase renters insurance.

  • Lease Tracking: Track each payment due for your lease records along with storing lease documents within each Lease record.  You can quickly see which Charges are outstanding and which Charges have been paid for all of your lease records.  

Better Tenant Payment Experience

  • More Rent Payment Options: Tenants have a variety of options when it comes to submitting their rent payments. They can now pay with ACH, card, or cash with Chime partnership.

  • Balance Checks: The new platform checks the bank account balance of each tenant before pulling the payment. This means landlords will know if a payment fails days earlier than eRentPayment.

  • Failed Payments: If a payment fails, the tenant must pay any past-due charges before a new recurring payment may be added.

  • Better Tenant Bank Verification: Renters can access their bank accounts directly to pay rent, ensuring that their account information is correct and that they have sufficient funds.

Transition Messaging

We will notify you when the transition is available so you can transition when you are ready. Plans start as low as $12/month and come with a variety of features not previously available: lower transaction fees, automated rent collection, tenant screening, maintenance management, property listings, and much more.