What is the deposit schedule for eRentPayment?

The typical deposit schedule for eRentPayment for the standard 3-4 business day processing time is the following:

Payments submitted before 7pm EST on:                              Should be deposited on:
Monday                                                                                   Friday
Tuesday                                                                                  Monday
Wednesday                                                                             Tuesday
Thursday                                                                                 Wednesday
Friday                                                                                      Thursday

Payments submitted before 7pm EST on a business day typically begin processing that day and payments submitted between 7pm EST and 9pm EST on a business day may begin processing that day depending on when we send our file to our bank as it can vary.  Payments submitted after 9pm EST or on a weekend or bank holiday would not typically begin processing until the next business day.  For example, a payment submitted on Saturday would begin processing on Monday and would be deposited on Friday if it isn't returned.  Also, please allow for a delay if a bank holiday falls during the processing window.  The schedule above does not account for any delays outside of our control, such as a delay in the national banking system.

Typically, a return for NSF or an account issue would occur prior to any funds being sent to your bank account so that you know once the funds appear in your bank account they are valid.  

The transaction status will be set to Pending during the processing time and updated to Processed on the day it deposits to the payee's bank account.