What if I receive a suspicous email referencing ACH, is that related to my eRentPayment profile?

There are a lot of Spam emails sent by outside parties that reference ACH transactions and deposits so please note that if you need to verify if an email is real you can check that it was sent from an @erentpayment.com email address and that our company logo is included within the email.  You can also login to your profile and review your transactions under Transactions to confirm that an email transaction reference is real.  There are "spoofing" attempts where people try to make it appear as if an email is sent from a company so please keep this in mind as the From address may appear as the company but the actual sending email is different if you look at the details of the email.  We also do not send or receive any physical mail as all correspondence with our company is through electronic means.

If you still aren't sure if the email is fake or real please feel free to contact us.  Thank you.