Can a manual transaction be recorded in eRentPayment?

If a renter pays through a method outside the service, such as through a paper check, can this be recorded within eRentPayment?  Or if a property manger is going to allow a tenant to skip a payment can this skipped payment be recorded to avoid issues for future months?
Yes, if you go to the Payments menu you can select the "Add Manual/Expense" section to add a manual transaction to the system for a renter registered with eRentPayment already or you can manually enter a renter's first name and last name. 
If you need to modify a manual transaction you will take these steps:
1. Go to Payments--Search
2. Search for the record, such as by date or property.
3. Click on the Transaction ID of the record
4. Select the "Delete this Transaction" button in the Transaction Details section
5. You will then add a new record under the Payments--Add Manual/Expense section