What is required to activate a property?

Step #1: For your security we require the following be faxed, uploaded or emailed to us for each bank account used for receiving online payments:

- A copy of a voided check or account statement for the checking account associated with the property. 

Upload Site: https://spaces.hightail.com/uplink/eRentPayment
Fax: 1-(866)-373-7591

If you do not have a voided check for your bank account please send an account statement instead.

If you are emailing the required items please send them as an attachment and if possible password protect the attachment and send us a separate email with the attachment password.

Step #2: We will email you an ID Verification link from Plaid to upload your ID and confirm you identity.

Once we receive these two items we will activate your property so that you can begin accepting rent payments online. If you have multiple properties and use the same bank account for each property you only need to send the information once. If you use different bank accounts for your properties please send a voided check for each bank account.

We will contact you to confirm the property has been activated once we complete our review of the documents.  We will also send you the Renter Registration Steps email for the property, which you can forward to your renter as the email instructs them how to register and submit payments.