How does a renter transfer to a different property record?

For renters that already have a profile on eRentPayment that need to register for a different property record, such as after a move or if switching to a different unit within the same building,
you can follow the steps below as you will use your existing profile:
1. Log in to your existing profile as you do not need to create a new profile.
2. If you are still registered for your old property and you do not need to receive a deposit refund through the service then scroll down and select the Remove Property button in your old property, for example:
3. You will need the property manager to provide you the Renter Code for the new property, which can be located in Step #4 of the Renter Registration Steps email if the property manager has sent you the steps for the new property.
4. In your existing profile scroll down to the Enter Renter Code field under Properties you Rent, for example:

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