Bank Account changes for Managers

With our goal to continually improve our site we’ve released 3 new updates to make collecting rental payments even easier for our property manager/owners!

Please check out the list of updates below:

1.We have updated the system to now allow property managers/owners to use savings accounts to receive rental payments and security deposits in the Receiving Account section located on the Property D...etail screen for each individual property.

2.The Transaction Fee option section of the site now allows you to set a specific bank account to be used for your Transaction Fee, if applicable, regardless of which bank account is used to receive the payment.

3.In our Refund Payment section for our property managers/owners we have modified the refund section so that you can now select the property first and then the renter of that specific property in which you want to send funds back to.

Thank you all for being valued customers and we look forward to rolling out even more great features and improvements in the near future!

-The eRentPayment Team