New Features Released!

We are very happy to announce the following new features have been added to eRentPayment:
1. Background Screening/Credit Check: You can now request a background screening either from an application or within the new Screening section.  We have partnered with TransUnion to provide credit, criminal, and eviction searches and the applicant will pay the discounted $30.00 screening fee directly to TransUnion.
2. Master Settings:  We have a new Master Settings section where you can set your contact information, bank accounts, and billing options within a single area instead of having to update each property record if the information changes.  For any existing property records the property record will need to be updated to set the "Use Master" option for the applicable fields.
3. Improved Applications:   We have also updated the Applications section to improve the online application the applicants view and also improve your view of the applications.  You can now sort applications along with storing private notes within each application, such as if you verified employment, spoke with a prior landlord, etc.
4. Monthly Pricing Option: In addition to our Standard pricing option we now offer a discounted monthly option, Plus,  that costs $10.00 per month for up to 5 transactions and any additional transactions over 5 will be $1.  The monthly minimum is $10/month.  This will be a single debit against your bank account generated on the last day of each month for any transactions that deposited for that month.  So instead of having separate debits for each transaction fee you will see a single debit against your bank account.
Instructions to opt-in for the Plus pricing:
If you are ready to switch to the Plus option for December then on the evening of November 30th or during the beginning of December please follow these steps as you do not want to complete the steps before then or else you will be billed for November:
1. Log in to your eRentPayment profile
2. Go to the Profile section and select the Master Settings menu option
3. On the Billing tab select the Plus option
4. Select the bank account to debit your transaction fee from.
5. Select Save Changes.