4th of July

Happy 4th of July from everyone here at eRentPayment! We will be closed on 07/04/2017 as we celebrate with our families.

Here are some important processing notes for July:

1. Any recurring payments scheduled for Friday (06/30/2017), Saturday (07/01/2017) or Sunday (07/02/2017) should be generated on 06/30/2017 to debit the tenant's account on Monday 07/03/2017. The payments should deposit on 07/06/2017 for properties set to our standard 2-3 business day processing due to the holiday on Tuesday.

2. Any recurring payments scheduled for Tuesday (07/04/2017) will be generated on Monday (07/03/2017) due to the holiday and debit the tenant's bank account on Wednesday (07/05/2017).

3. Monday (07/03/2017) is a regular business day as it is not a bank holiday, just Tuesday.