Maintenance Requests and Invoices Added!

We released two new features this weekend as we have added:
1. Maintenance Requests:  Maintenance Requests can now be submitted and tracked by tenants or property managers through our system for tracking property issues.
2. Payment Requests:  Payment Requests (Invoices) can now be submitted by property managers and landlords to request payments be submitted by a tenant.  There are multiple scenarios to utilize this feature, such as:
  • Request move in payments, such as a Security Deposit and Pro-Rated Rent Payment.
  • Request a Utility payment.
  • Allow the tenant to submit a rent payment without a late fee or a set a specific late fee value in order for a tenant to submit a late rent payment if the property settings should not apply for a given month.
We are very excited to add these two features so please let us know if you have any questions.  For additional information please go to: