New Property Features

New property features have just been added to the service so here is a summary of the new features for property managers/owners:
1. On the Properties you Manage/Own screen after you first login you can now sort on Property Name, Current Rent, Flat Late Fee Amount, and Daily Late Fee Amount
2. Within the property records you now have these great features:
a. The ability to specify a different Payee...
Name for each property. For example if you have a different LLC corp for each property you can now list the LLC within each property so the renters of that property see the correct Payee Name instead of the renters all seeing just the name in your profile.
b. For the Flat and Daily Late Fee options you now have an option of specifying a flat $ amount for each, a % of the Current Rent Amount listed in the property record, or a % of the Amount Paid by the Renter.
c. We have added a Maximum Late Fee amount that caps the total late fee amount a renter can be charged in a month and you can specify a Flat $ amount, % of Current Rent, or % of Amount Paid.
d. You can now specify a different bank account to deposit to for "Security Deposit" and "Application Fee" payments, such as if you have to use a different bank account for these payments if required in your state.
e. You can also specify a different bank account to use for the Transaction Fee to debit from if you want to debit a different account than the one you deposit payments to.

We are glad to release these new features that many of you have been asking about so please let us know if you have any questions on the new features. Thank you!