How is the Background Check Recommendation Determined?

Note:  The recommendation is one aspect of the report that should be considered as you aren't required to follow the recommendation.  You should review all aspects of the report when considering an applicant.  
The TransUnion recommendation is based on the ResidentScore of the credit report as the recommendation will not be set to Decline based on individual tradelines, collections, etc.  There are other factors that could potentially override the TransUnion recommendation, such as the Income-to-Rent Ratio or if you automatically decline for bankruptcies.  For example, if the score falls in the Accept range but the Income-to-Rent Ratio is below the required ratio then a Decline recommendation may be returned.  
Here is the ResidentScore Range:
The ResidentScore weighs factors differently than a traditional scoring model.  The model was designed specifically for tenant screening and is a vital part of the TransUnion recommendation.