Can partial payments be blocked?

Yes, you can block partial payments within our system as you can block partial payments for only "Rent Payment" type payments or for all payment types if necessary.  With the "Rent Payment" type block only payments with the Payment Type set to "Rent Payment" will be blocked as the person can still submit payments for other types, such as Utility Payment, Security Deposit, etc.
On the Add or Update property screen go to the "3. Rent Amount" tab for the Partial Payment settings.

If your tenant has an automatic recurring payment that is no longer the current rent amount, you may delete the recurring payment using these steps:

1. Go to Properties.
2. Click Edit on the property records.
3. Go to the Payments tab.
4. Change the Payment Status to Blocked.  (Note:  This will keep the tenants registered to the property, but delete any recurring payments)
5. Update the property.
6. Click Edit on the property again.
7. Change the Payment Status back to Allowed.

This will delete any recurring payment records associated to the property and require the tenant to set up a new recurring payment for the correct rent amount.