If you are a property manager or landlord, please follow these steps:
#1 - Disable the property records: 
1. Log in to your eRentPayment profile
2. Go to Properties and click Edit next to the property name.
3. Go to the "6. Payments tab" and change the Payment Status field.

You can update the field from Allowed to one of the following options:
Blocked - This will leave the renter associated to the property but delete any active recurring payment records and block the renter from submitting any new one-time payments or setting up a new recurring payment.  This option is useful if you want to block payments for a period of time but possibly allow future payments from the same renter.
Disabled - This will remove any registered renters along with any active recurring payments and block any new payments.  This option is useful if you no longer manage or own the property.
4. If you are not using Master Settings, go to the "5. Bank Account" Tab:
    - Change Primary Receiving Account to None for the main bank account.
    - Select No for "Use Different Bank account for Security Deposit"
    - Select No for "Use different bank account for Application Fee"
    - Select No for  "Use Specific Bank Account for All Manager Transaction Fees"
6. Select Update Property.
7. Repeat those steps for each property record.
#2 - Update Master Settings, if applicable:
If you are using Master Settings:
1. Go to Profile--Master Settings
2. On the Billing Tab:
    - Select Standard for the Pricing option if Plus is active
    - If the "Use specific bank account for all transactions fees regardless of the receiving bank account" is set to Yes select No.
    -Select Save Changes.
3. On the Bank Account Tab:
    - Select None for the Main Bank Account field
    - Select No for the "Use a different bank account for "Security Deposit" Payments
    - Select No for the "Use a different bank account for "Application Fee" Payments
    - Select Save Changes
#3 - Purge Bank Account
1. Go to Profile--Manager Accounts
2. Click on each bank account
3. Deselect the "Active" checkbox.  If the checkbox is read-only please see the steps above to make sure the bank account is not associated to a property or Master Settings.
4. Select Submit.
5. Click on the bank account again.
6. Select Purge or Delete based on which button is visible.