Landlord/Property Managers - Do you offer or recommend insurance that would insure my rental income?

For default insurance we recommend Rent Rescue as here is an overview of the coverage:
  • Reimburses up to 6 months of lost rental income due to abandonment or eviction.
  • Reimburses up to 3 months lost rental income when default is due to court order, military status or tenant's own death.
  • Cost of coverage may be tax deductible.
  • Submitting a claim and getting paid is quick and easy.
  • Pays $1,000.00 of legal expenses to pursue an eviction.
  • The average annual premium is about $300.00 per unit (that's about $25/month).
  • Cost of coverage may be passed along to your tenant as a nominal increase to the month rent.
You may qualify for coverage if your tenants meet this criteria:
  • No evictions during last 5 years.
  • No bankruptcies during last 5 years.
  • Can satisfy financial terms of lease.
  • Rent hasn't been in arrears for 30+ consecutive days during last 12 months.
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(Terms and information subject to change)