Updating Recurring Payment Amount

Locked: False
To update a recurring payment amount that was added by the renter and shows as "Locked: False" on the recurring payment details page we recommend emailing the renter with our support email included (customerservice@erentpayment.com) and ask the renter to Reply All confirming the change. Please note we will only be able to complete the change if the email address for the renter matches the contact email we have on file for them, to confirm you can select the Properties tab and then Renters. Please ensure you include the property address or property name as we have it listed in our system.
The renter can also email us directly from the email they have on file and request an amount increase or log into his or her profile and edit the recurring payment amount. If they request a lower amount than what you have listed in your property settings and you block partial payments we will include the manager email in the message to confirm.
Locked: True
If the recurring payment shows as "Locked: True" that indicates it was set up per an Authorization Form so we would require either an email as detailed above for unlocked payments or if the renter does not have an email address on file then we will require a new authorization form be sent in with the new amount and the renters signature and date. If nothing else is changing such as the submit date or bank account then it can be noted in those fields "No Change" or "Same".