Processing Time for eRentPayment

The processing time for our service is 3-4 business days after the payment is submitted. The reason for this processing time is that per NACHA rules, which are not specific to just our service but all ACH processing, the renter's bank has around three business days to return a transaction from the time the renter's bank account is debited regardless of how fast the money is deposited to the Payee's bank account. Thus, we wait 3-4 business days to try and clear the transaction before we deposit the funds to your account as the latest a transaction can be returned with our service is the same day it deposits. 

With our service you will not only have the deposit in your account within 3-4 business days but you will know the payment has cleared and typically cannot be returned NSF after the deposit day. With a paper check the deposit could be returned over a week after it is deposited and you could incur a returned check fee from your bank. We continue to work with our bank to reduce the processing time when possible.