What is the process to register and send a screening request with RentSpree?

The RentSpree screening platform is not currently integrated with eRentPayment so you will create a separate profile on RentSpree here.  If you already have a RentSpree profile, skip this section and use the "Send a Screening" section below.  

If you have not created a profile yet, please follow these steps:

Register on RentSpree:
1. Go to the Sign Up page.  
2. Enter your email address and a password to use with the site.
3. Select the "Sign Up with Email" option.
4. Select the User Type, such as "An Agent", "An Owner", or "A Manager" and select Continue.
5. Accept the SmartMove service agreement and select Continue to complete the registration.  

You are now registered with RentSpree.

Send a Screening:
1. Log in to your RentSpree profile here.  
2. If you have not yet added your property to RentSpree, select the "Add New Listing" button in the top right-hand corner.
3. On the Dashboard, locate the property and click the ":" button.
4. Select "Screen New Tenants" in the drop-down of options.
5. Select which party will be responsible for the screening fee and the reports you would like included.
6. Select Next.
(Steps continued below image)

7. Enter the applicant's email or phone number.  You may enter multiple applicants by separately each with a comma.
8. Select the "Send Request" button.  
9. The applicants will receive an email or text with the link to apply through RentSpree.

Post or Share the LeaseLink:
1. If you would like to post or share the LeaseLink, such as to your rental listing ad, then select the "Share the LeaseLink" section.
2. Click the "Copy" button.
3. You may now paste the LeaseLink to your medium of choice, such as a blog, social media site, MLS, text message, and more.  

Print Screening Handout: 
1. If you would like to print a screening handout, such as for an open house, select the "Print Screening Handout" section.
2. Enter your custom message to enter any additional information.
3. Select the Print button.