Common Steps in New Platform

Here are some of the common steps to view data or add invoices in the new platform that you may have been accustomed to in eRentPayment:

Common Tasks in New Platform:

View Deposits and Pending Payments:
1. On the new Dashboard, click on the Rent tile.
2. Click on the "# Paid in last 30 days" button.
3. Click on the "Recent (pending) payments" to view recent pending payments.
4. Click on the "Deposits made in last 30 days" to view recent deposits.
5. In either section, click on the Receive By or any of the columns to change the filtered records, such as the date range or property.

View Charges (Payments Due):
1. On the new Dashboard, click on the Rent tile.
2. This section will list any payments due in the next 30 days.
3. You may also click on the "Overdue 1-10 days" or "Overdue 11+days" to view overdue payments as the new platform allows you to track all payments that are due for a Lease.

Add a new Charge/Invoice:
1. On the new Dashboard, click on Properties.
2. Click on the Property record.
3. Go to the Charges tab.
4. Select Add Charge, such as to add a utility payment due or other payments besides the rent charge that should automatically generate based on the Lease record.
5. Select the Charge type.
6. Enter the Unit, Description, Tenants, Charge Details. and Save the record.