How do I remove an old renter and add a new renter to the property?

Before you remove a renter, please be sure you don't need to submit a Refund Payment to the renter, such as for a deposit refund, and that they don't have a recurring payment on the system and removing a renter will not allow you to submit a payment to them in the future and it will remove any active recurring payments the renter has on the system.

To remove a renter from a property:
1. Log in to your eRentPayment profile.
2. Go to Properties.
3. Go to Renters.
4. Click on the name of the tenant.
5. Then select the Remove Renter button, which is the Red X button.
6. Select Remove to remove the renter.

This will remove the renter from the property but keep their transaction history in the system.

To add a new renter you will either forward them the Renter Registration Steps email, which can be found under the Forms/Steps section of your account, if you are allowing them to register on their own or you can have the renter complete the Automatic Authorization Form, also located within the Forms/Steps section, if you would like to utilize this option. If you are having difficulty locating the forms section, once you are logged into your account, it is located on the left hand column of your screen below the reports option.
Thank you.