Can I void or cancel a transaction?

If the transaction hasn't started processing you should be able to so here are the steps:

1. Log in to your eRentPayment profile
2. Hover over Payments and choose Search
3. Enter the Search Criteria or select All Dates
4. Select Search
5. Scroll down to the search results and for the transaction that you would like to void click on the Transaction ID number.
6. The transaction details screen will be displayed and if you are allowed to void the payment there will be a Void Transaction button visible.

Please note that if the transaction was generated from a recurring payment that was set up per an Automatic Authorization form only the property manager or landlord can void the transaction.  Also, if the transaction has already started processing you will not be able to void the transaction.

Any related Late Fee or Transaction Fee transactions will also be voided when you void the main transaction. For example, if you submit a $500 payment and a $100 Late Fee transaction is generated along with a $3 Transaction Fee if you void the $500 transaction the system will also void the $100 Late Fee and $3 Transaction Fee as you won't need to void those separately.  If you void just the $100 Late Fee transaction though it will not void the related $500 payment or $3 Transaction Fee though. 
See the two videos below on the steps, one is for landlords/property managers and the other for tenants.