Can a property manager block other payment types besides Rent Payment?

Yes, there is an optional property record setting that doesn't allow payment types besides Rent Payment to be used unless a Rent Payment transaction has been submitted for that Month/Year.  Here are the steps to set the option:

1. Login to your eRentPayment profile
2. Click on the property record's Edit option under Properties or select Add Property if adding a new property
3. On Tab "4. Late Fees", for the "Payment Type Options" section select "Yes" for the "Require a Rent Payment be submitted first before other payment types can be used" option.
4. You can also set the feature to not enforce the requirement for the renter's first few payments if necessary, such as if they have to submit a Security Deposit or Pro-Rated Rent Payment prior to submitting their first Rent Payment transaction.  You would select 0 if their first payment on the service must be a Rent Payment, select 1 if they are submitting one non-Rent Payment transaction first then their Rent Payment, and select 2 if they are submitting two non-Rent Payment transactions before their first Rent Payment transaction, such as Security Deposit and Pro-Rated Rent Payment.

This feature doesn't have to be set when first adding the property though as it can be updated at anytime so you could activate the setting after the renter's first few payments if necessary.  If there are any questions on the setting please let us know.  Thank you.