What is the cost to use eRentPayment?

For our eCheck/ACH processing here is our pricing information as we offer two options:
Standard Pricing:
The transaction fee for one-time payments and monthly or bi-weekly recurring payments is $3 per transaction. The transaction fee for weekly recurring payments is $2 per transaction.

For Renter-to-Manager payments the Property Manager decides what portion of the transaction fee, if any, the Renter pays as the manager can elect to pay the transaction fee, split it with the renter so each pay 50%, or have the renter pay the transaction fee. For Manager-to-Renter payments, such as a Security Deposit Refund, the Property Manager pays the $3 transaction fee.

For pricing on our credit/debit card processing please see:


Plus Pricing:

 The Plus option is our monthly pricing option if you are processing more than 2-3 payments per month:

Monthly Price: $10 per month

Includes up to 5 transactions and any additional transactions over 5 are billed at $1 each.

Minimum: $10 per month

You are typically billed on the last day of the month for the transactions deposited that month and your bank account would be debited around 5 days later.