How do you extend a recurring payment?

To extend an existing recurring payment the following actions can be taken based on how the recurring payment was set up:
1. If the renter set up the recurring payment they can complete the following steps:
-Log in to their existing eRentPayment profile
-Go to the Payments tab, choose Recurring Payment from the options
-Click on the Recurring Payment ID
-Update the End Date and any other fields, such as Amount if necessary.
-Select Update
If the recurring has already expired the renter can add a new recurring payment.
2. If the recurring payment was set up per our Automatic Authorization form we will need the property manager to send one of the following items to and eRentPayment will extend the recurring payment:
-An email from the renter stating they authorize the extension along with the new End Date and if the Amount has changed.
-Send a new completed Automatic Authorization form with the extension details signed by the renter.  If the same bank account is being used the bank account information does not need to be populated.