How do I create an online application template?

After logging into your eRentPayment profile please follow these steps:
1. Go to Applications
2. At this point you can select one of two options:
New Default Template - This is a default template that eRentPayment provides with a set of standard application questions already entered on the template.  You can edit the template to remove or add additional questions.
New Blank Template - This is a blank template with no existing questions that allows you to add all of the questions you prefer
3. After selecting either option to add fields to the application template you will drag the field type from the Data Type area, as seen below, to the Template Questions section on the template.  For example, if you want to add a question field you would drag the blue Text Box object to the right into the green Template Questions section:
4. To make a field required on the template select the Required checkbox and then enter the Validation Text that will be displayed to the applicant if they don't enter data in the field.
5. To delete a field, click on the red X field and then confirm the delete.  For example, in the screenshot below if you wanted to delete Question 3 you would click on the red X in the Question 3 green bar:
6. To move a field, click on the field and drag the field up or down to the new location.
7. In the Name your Template field enter the nickname or reference for this template and then select Create New Template.