Do you offer tenant screening/background checks?

We have partnered with RentSpree to provide a new online screening tool for our customers.  

Important Note: eRentPayment customers will need to create a profile on the RentSpree website as the RentSpree screening tool is not integrated into eRentPayment.  To register a profile, please click here.  For additional information on registering and sending a screening with RentSpree, please click here.  

The RentSpree screening platform offers new screening features, such as:

  • Request a rental application by email, text, or a unique LeaseLink.

  • Request a credit report, background check, and 50-state eviction report.

  • Specify which party pays the screening fee.

  • Message and manage prospective tenants.

  • Share reports directly through the platform.

  • Generate sample adverse action notices.

  • Sign leases electronically.

  • Request and track renter’s insurance.

  • Price: $30.00

The RentSpree PRO plan (free for the first month, then $9.99 per month) includes:

  • Document Collection - Allows applicants to upload supplemental documents such as pay stubs, bank statements, driver license copies, etc. 
  • Auto Reference Checks - RentSpree will contact previous landlords, employers, and references to confirm the applicant information. Users will have the ability to choose which references to contact.  

To get started on the RentSpree platform, please click here.