New features and changes added this month.

As we continue to improve the eRentPayment service based on feedback from our customers here is an overview of the changes and features we added in October 2014:
1. Property managers and landlords can now store the Utility balance due and Security Deposit amounts within each property record.  The Utility balance will be displayed to the renters in any reminder emails, on the main property page after renters log in, and on the Make Payment page for one-time payments.
2. We have added an Accounting Report to the Reports section that totals the received payments along with an Expense section for any expenses recorded through the Transactions section.
3. We have updated the Monthly Report under the Reports section to total the transactions for each renter within a property along with a total for the entire property.
4. We have added a Payment Status field to the Update Property screen for property managers and landlords to be able to block payments or deactivate a property if necessary. 
5. We have updated the Add and Update property screens for property managers and landlords to number each field and changed the layout of the page.
6. We have updated the main page for renters to display the number of pending payments and active recurring payments they have in their profile.