Property Change

We have made the following Property updates to the system:
1. The Add and Update Property pages have been updated to tabbed navigation so you can easily view and update field settings instead of scrolling through a single page.  You can now click on a specific tab, make a change, and select Update Property.
2. The new Renter section lists all your registered tenants in one location along with these features:
  • You can view each tenant's active recurring payments and the verification status of the tenant's bank accounts.
  • For tenants that are no longer in the property you can remove them from the property.
  • You can review the Credit Reporting information for each tenant.
  • The tenant's phone number and email address are listed.
  • You can group the tenants by property for easier review.
3. The Utility Balance and Security Deposit fields have been removed from the Property pages since these static fields would not be updated when the payment was submitted.  We have been recommending the Payment Request (Invoice) feature for requesting Utility Payment, Security Deposit, and any other non-Rent Payment transactions since we released the Payment Request feature last year.  
You may still use the Renter Notes field in the property record to post any balances due if you prefer to use the property instead of the Payment Request feature.  The Renter Notes field is still included in the Reminder emails and on the Make Payment page for tenants to view.  
4. The Properties page has been updated to display Edit and Detail buttons on the list of property records along with updating the Details section to list a summary of the late fees for the property.
5. The Renter Registration Steps email has been updated to reduce the amount of text in the registration steps.  
Please let us know if you have any questions on the new update.  Thank you.