Labor Day

Please note the national banking system will be closed on Monday (09/03/2018) for Labor Day so payment processing will be delayed by an additional day next week.  Recurring payments generated on Saturday (09/01/2018), Sunday (09/02/2018), and Monday (09/03/2018) will be sent to the national system on Tuesday (09/04/2018) to begin processing and debit the tenant on Wednesday (09/05/2018) due to the holiday.
Deposits were delayed this week as well due to the 1st falling on a weekend and the Labor Day bank holiday.  Any payments submitted on the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd were delayed since we were not able to start processing the payments until Tuesday 09/04/2018.  For any pending payments delayed due to the holiday we will clear the payments on Friday (09/07/2018) and send the deposits to the national system on Friday.  The landlord's bank should then post the deposit either Saturday or Monday at the latest depending on the landlord's bank.