eRentPayment Updates

We released a number of updates on 12/03/2020.  If you encounter any login or property update issues please see the details below:

1. Logo Update: The eRentPayment logo was updated, however for some users when trying to access the site the logo appears across the entire screen and does not allow the user to login.  To resolve the issue, you need to simply refresh your browser cache in most cases.  

For some browsers you need to go to Options--Privacy and Security and select the Clear Data option while other browsers you can go to Options--Developer Tools and right click on the Refresh icon and select "Empty Cache and hard reload" to clear the cache. 

2. Property Nickname and Payee fields: When adding or updating a property special characters are no longer permitted in the Property Name field and the Payee entry fields.  We made the change to ensure special characters are not included with any transactions when they are sent to the national ACH system.  

If the Property Name or Payee First Name/Payee Last Name are set to red when adding or updating a property record you will need to remove any special characters from the field to continue.  

3. Inactive Property View: For property managers and landlords, the "Show Inactive Properties" option in the Profile has been fixed.  On the Properties screen the Inactive Properties section will be hidden if the option is set to false.  

4. Search Page: On the Payments-Search page we have added a new "All But Transaction Fee" option for the Type field to search on all payments except Transaction Fees.  The Property column may now be sorted on in the results list.  

5. Recurring Payment Page: On the recurring payment page a warning will now be displayed during the add of a new recurring payment if the tenant already has an active recurring payment.  This was added to avoid duplicate recurring payments.

After a property is selected on the Recurring Payment screen the property details will be displayed to show the tenant the Due Date, Rent Amount, Bi-Weekly Amount, and Weekly amounts listed in the property to assist with adding the correct recurring payment details.  

6. Make Payment: When a tenant submits a one-time payment, if there is an open Payment Request (Invoice) for the property, there will be a warning message displayed to view the Payment Request.  We did not add an option to prevent one-time payments from being submitted if there is an open Payment Request as this will be just a warning message for now.  

We also added asynchronous email processing for the Make Payment page to prevent email confirmations from not being generated.  

7. Background Check: When requesting a background check from an application, the applicant information will now populate on the background check screen as this bug was fixed.