TransUnion Changes

As of February 06, 2021, we will no longer integrate with TransUnion for our background screening product.  Upcoming changes to the TransUnion SmartMove platform and processes will not allow our current integration to function correctly on the new TransUnion platform.  

With the change to the integration, we will no longer be reporting rental payments to TransUnion as well.  We will continue to report rental payments to Equifax and Experian.  

Existing screening records will be accessible through 02/06/2021.  If you need to view a report for a recent screening record after 02/06/2021, please contact us or contact TransUnion to request the screening report be sent directly to you from TransUnion:

TransUnion Email:
TransUnion Phone Number: 1-866-775-0961

Our online application tool will not be affected by the the change as you will still be able to utilize the online application feature at no cost.  

Please click here for details on the new screening tool we recommend.