Payment Request (Invoice) Overview

Property managers and landlords can use the Payment Request feature to send an invoice to a tenant registered with our service.  Please do not send an invoice for a monthly payment if the tenant already has an active recurring payment.  
For step-by-step instructions on creating a Payment Request please click here.
Here are some important notes regarding the Payment Request feature:
1. Two Payments:  You can enter up to two Payments Types per Payment Request, such as a Rent Payment and Security Deposit or a Pro-Rated Rent Payment and a Security Deposit.
2. Multiple Month/Years:  If you need to request more than two separate Payment Types or payments for a different Month/Year then you will create multiple invoices.  
For example, if you need to receive a Pro-Rated Rent Payment for June and a full Rent Payment for July you would create one Payment Request for the June payment and a separate Payment Request for the July payment.
3. Transaction Fee:  With the Payment Requests we only charge one Transaction Fee even if you request two payments in the same request.  
So if you sent a Payment Request for a Pro-Rated Rent Payment and a Security Deposit there would only be one transaction fee charged as only one of the payments would have the transaction fee applied to it.  So we allow a second payment to be submitted at no cost with Payment Requests.
4. Property Settings:  When the tenant submits the Payment Request the property settings will be bypassed in regards to partial payment blocks, Setting 18A and 18B for requiring a transaction for the prior month, and the recurring payment requirement.
If you want to allow a partial payment one month you could send a Payment Request to the tenant and the tenant would be able to submit the partial payment without you having to modify the property settings.  If you have 18A and 18B set to Yes in the property and the tenant didn't submit a payment through the service the prior month you can send a Payment Request to the tenant.  That will allow them to submit a payment for the current month without being blocked by the 18A and 18B setting in your property.
5. Late Fees:  You can choose from multiple Late Fee options when requesting a "Rent Payment" as you can select from:
  • No Late Fees
  • Use the Property Settings
  • Enter a Specific Late Fee Amount.
If you don't want to charge a Late Fee at all you can use the No Late Fees option or you can enter a specific Late Fee amount you want to charge instead of using the property settings.  

6. Payment Request Status:  If the tenant submits the payment(s) through the Payment Request record the Request record status will be set to Closed automatically.  

If the tenant does not submit the payment through the Payment Request record the Request status will not be updated.  Please cancel the Payment Request record if the tenant manually submitted the payment.