Can a Late Fee be Waived?

If you would like to waive a Late Fee for a tenant there are multiple options we recommend:
Payment Not Submitted Yet
Option #1: 
Create a Payment Request for the payment that is due and select "None" for the Late Fee option so that if the tenant submits the payment through the Payment Request a Late Fee will not be generated. Instructions:
Option #2:
Update the Property record and set Charge Late Fee to No or change the Grace Period to allow a longer time to submit the payment before a Late Fee applies on the Late Fees tab and update the property.(We recommend Option #1 so you don't have to enter or adjust the Late Fee settings again after the payment is submitted).
Late Fee Submitted
If the tenant has already submitted a Rent Payment and the system generated a Late Fee transaction you may void just the Late Fee transaction as long as the Late Fee has not started processing yet.  Instructions:
This article assumes the tenant is submitting a one-time payment.  For any recurring payment changes, such as processing the payment on a later date, please see